Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Doing better

I have had a better outlook this week about my motivation.  Thanks for the comments, they helped a lot.  I didn't splurge, but did a weekend of not counting points and made good choices (had a s'more - ahhhh sooooo good).  I guess the true effect will be seen Saturday when I go and get weighed in.  I also decided to cut one habit that I have and that is the scale in the bathroom.  I'm a person who weights themselves about 3 times a day and I know that is the wrong thing to do.  So, I have not stepped on the scale all week and I have been writing everything down.  Everyday I look at that scale and have a battle in my mind (should I, no, Should, no).  But, I have been good.  I have to admit it is an obsession a bad one.  I stress out if I don't see the numbers move - I need to stop that.  Maybe I'll ask hubby to hide the scale on me. I think that is a good idea.
We head off to the beach with family and friends Saturday.  I'm hoping I can do a great job.  I'm kind of scared because I'll spending time with my family - the people who helped start some of the bad eating habits that I have become accustomed to over time.  My mom is also on weight watchers, so hopefully that will help.  Maybe I'll help her too.  We need to make it a team effort.  I know I am always figuring out and counting points.  I don't see her do it to often, but she might have a way that works for her (she might record later).  Hopefully we can pull through it together
I'm kind of excited to wear my new bathing suit (brown with teal polk-a-dots - very cute).  Yes, of course it has a skirt bottom, but hey when you have a nest of spider veins on your legs you try to hide them (is there surgery to correct that?) as best as you can.  I usually don't admit clothing size, but I'm going to now.  My suit is a 12 (probably could have gotten away with a 10 - but I wanted length on the skirt!), better than that size 18/20 women's I wore last year.  Typing that actually made me feel good.  I don't have to buy in the women's department anymore!!!!  WOW!!!!  YEAH!!

Memory Tag

I saw this on Em's blog and thought I would post it on my blogs (family blog).

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

I can't wait to read your memories.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3 more down

I completed 3 more 4th of July pillow case. I have 3 more to make and then I'm moving onto back to school.

Monday, July 28, 2008

For my Little Man!

As most of you know D loves any type of creature. He wanted a new pillowcase, so I let him pick out the material. He picked  lizards.   Today he asked me, "When are you going to finish my pillowcase?" (Yes, those are the exact words - if you have ever sat down and talked with him, you know it's true). So, tonight I sat down and worked on his lizard pillowcase. Here is the end result. I think it turned out awesome, if I have to say so myself. The little accent color between the lizards and the green is an orange color, it's hard to tell in the picture.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 down 5,000 to go

Here are the 3 pillow cases that I got done. I'm asking $10 for one case or $25 for 3 (once I get other holidays done).

I need a dose of Motivation...

Wouldn't it be great to be able to buy motivation in a bottle?  I'm starting to get soooooooooooooooo frustrated with losing weight.  I have been watching and watching and I'm just not going anywhere.  I even dropped a point to see if that made a difference, but nope.  

I know I should be happy with what I have lost already - 46 pounds is awesome, but I'm being greedy and want more.  Yes, I'm healthier and am able to do more.  

Why does it have to be so hard?  Why is it so easy to gain?  Why do some people have it so easy and don't gain an ounce?  Why am I asking why?  

Right now I feel like giving up and just eating whatever I want, but I know that isn't the answer.  I know I need to keep working and I know it is a life change.  Just working like this for over a year is hard.  I want to eat a big ass piece of cheesecake with chocolate chips,  I want to eat 4 pieces of pizza instead of one, I would love to have some Lancaster Brewing Company Strawberry wheat beer (I LIKE BEER!), I want some Burger King onion rings with zesty dipping sauce, I would love a whopper with extra pickles and no tomatoes, a couple white russians, a little bit of candy (not a big candy fan) and the list can go on.  

I guess I should stop being a poppy head and get over it.  

On another note - I have 3 pillow cases done.  I'll have to post pictures soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Told you!

Well I was right about the weight thing, I gained .2 pounds. I know that isn't much.  But, I gained 2 weeks ago and this week.  I need to really work hard!!

Weigh in time

Alright I did a great job this week, until tonight.  Tim and I went out on a date tonight (We haven't done this in like a million years).  I did pretty well.  I had an adult beverage (yummylicious) and chicken fajitas - without the shells.  I was stuffed.  I'll probably swell up from all the salt for my weigh in tomorrow.  We then went for coffee and dessert.  I had the coffee (FF milk) and ate a few bites of Tim's dessert.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.  Somedays - I feel like not paying for WW and doing it myself with there plan.  I have all the info I just need to follow through.  It would save some money - I guess I'm just frustrated on how slow the weight loss is going lately.  I should exercise - but I just don't feel like it.  I have no motivation to exercise lately.  Enough downing myself, time for bed.

Wish me luck at the scale tomorrow morning.  

Friday, July 18, 2008

My virtual makeover

Jen had a Mary Kay virtual makeover on her blog and I had to give it a try.  I tried to give myself long hair, but it looked awful - since I have no hair hanging down my back.  I looked like I shaved the back of my head and kept the sides very long.  I had such a great time doing this.  I laughed a lot when I got to play with the eye shadows.  I was practically rolling on the floor.  Click here for some fun.


After looking at the picture a few times, I think I look like I have some country music hair going on.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My 8 Names

I sent this as an email, but thought it was funny!

My Eight Names 

1. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle) 

2. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color and favorite animal)
Yellow Dog

3. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME (your middle name and street you live on/or
neighborhood if it's a number) 
Lee Mary

4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2
letters of your first name)   

5. YOUR SUPERHERO/CRIMINAL NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite
Blue Water
6. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your
last name, 1st letter of your last name, 2nd letter of your moms maiden
name, 3rd letter of your dads name, 1st letter of a siblings first name,
and last letter of your moms first name)? 

7. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (parents middle names)? 
Helen Delton
8. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets)? 
Black Penny

Thanks Renee

I want to thank Renee for the tiara!!!  My dream has been complete!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Prayers for Janessa

Click on the following image and read Janessa's journey about fighting cancer at such a young age. She is an amazing little girl and her family is great too. This is not a scam - it is 100% true.

Her aunt Korin is hosting some fundraisers on her site. If you are interested in helping this family out, check it out.


I wasn't able to get weighed in this week.  I was gong to do it Saturday morning and my husband and I had some "issues".  So, I was stubborn and didn't go and he went and did his thing that he wanted to do.  argh.....

I am one of the most stubborn people in the world.  Why is that?  The scary thing is - my son is the same way.  H thinks that is why my son and I butt heads so often and I think I'm starting to believe that.  My son is a little me!   OMG

I got 3 4th of July pillow cases done.  I should be working on them now, but I'm to lazy!  

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Virtual Model

I saw this virtual model on Lorie and Jen's blog. Thought I would give it a try.  The thing they should add is spider veins for you to add to your legs (LOL).

Me at 200+ pounds                    Me at my current weigh 
Me at g0al

Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh, well.

I went and got weighed in on Saturday and I gained a pound. I wanted to scream because I was so good and watched everything and wrote it down. Why does this weight loss journey need to be so hard and long?

I realized that I have been watching what I have been eating for over a year now. I have lost 46 pounds (actually 45 - but I'm not counting that pound) in a year (not all through weight watchers). That averages out about 3.8 pounds a month, which isn't so bad. I could be over 200 pounds today if I didn't start watching what I ate. I am healthier and happier.

Yesterday afternoon, I played dress up in the attic. I started trying on some of my formal dresses from high school and weddings. All were to big!!!!! Yeah! I'm not at my smallest weight ever right now, but they were big. I love to dress up in formal dresses - I should be a queen in a far away country, so I can dress up like that often. Well I do have royal blood, since being prom queen (but I never got a tiara for that, just roses, I would have rather had a tiara! - I need to get over that). Maybe I should just dress up once a week and walk around Lancaster that way. Do you think anyone would mind? I could imagine that looks I would get.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Myspace Comments - Happy 4th of July

Well today hopefully won't be to much of a challenge for me. We are going to my brother and girlfriend's place. It will only be us and them. I have my food planned out today. I made a WW dessert. Chocolate Chip Pie (7 pts for a serving) so I want to do well so I can eat that. I hope it tastes good. I guess we will see.

I'm heading to the fabric store to buy some fabric, it is on sale. Hopefully they have a nice selection. I'm going to start making some of my pillow cases. I might make a lot and try to sell them at a craft fair in the fall. I have no clue if it will work out or not. If it doesn't I will have enough pillowcases for my future nieces and nephews (we have one on the way - Tim's brother and his wife are expecting, my first time being an aunt!) for gifts..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Loving this product!

Look at what I found. I love anything with Peanut Butter, but it is so high in points. They have been talking about PB2 at my weight watchers meeting. I placed some of this in my fat free cool whip and it was sooooooo good. I then placed it between two low-fat graham crackers and froze it. It tasted like a peanut butter pie. Yummy! (1 pt for 2 tab)

(that is .3 grams of fiber)